Matt Vona

Matt Vona, 35, is a Professional MMA Trainer in Jacksonville, Florida. I sat down with Matt on October 1st to find out more about what he does and what role he plays in his respective industry. 

Matt began his career in the fighting realm with boxing at about 8 or 9 years old.

Boxing is a fighting style that allows you to use a variety of punches, arms and hands only, to knock out an opponent or win on points. MMA on the other hand, uses a variety of techniques or fighting styles ranging from Muay Thai or kickboxing to wrestling and Judo, for example.

His teenage years and early twenties were full of amateur boxing fights and tournaments. After his competition days were over, he added more fighting styles to his resume to create a unique style that dominates this coast in the industry today. 

Matt began to take on managing and training professional boxers and mixed martial artists with his company Bulldog Boxing/Bulldog Management based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

This past summer Matt flew out to Las Vegas with one of his fighters to compete on a world level with the UFC in the Dana White Contender Series. 

His next big challenge is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts fight at the Morocco Shrine Center on November 10th that he believes will showcase a lot of local and regional talent. 

Matt Original Interview 

Matt New Interview

Video and Text by Taylor Smiley

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