Taking a Chantz

For my final project, I have decided to cover a story that I believe college students need to hear. I will be meeting and sitting down with Chantz Carroll, a twenty-two year old CEO and business owner who has made quite the living for himself despite one very important piece of paper, his degree. 

While most college students are under the impression that you need an MBA or Doctorate degree to make money, that is far from the case in many fields. Of course there are more traditional roles, such as nursing or becoming a doctor, that require a certain degree or level of education, but many roles in the professional realm are attained through one thing: hard work.

Chantz Caroll works closely with someone I know, and they have multiple business ventures together. He is in the construction field and they run a tree business on the side. They also flip houses and put them back on the market for sales growth. With all of his ducks in a row, Mr. Carroll has done pretty well for himself as a young entrepreneur with no college degree. 

In this world today, that might seem frightening. 

To cover all ends of this story, I plan on speaking with Chantz himself, one of his coworkers and a student advisor at UNF. I am meeting with him this upcoming Sunday, November the 11th at his home. I will be taking video and photos of some of his housing projects and various operations he has going on in his day-to-day throughout Jacksonville. 

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