Maria’s Story Pitch

Maria Quintanilla is a local college student pursuing a Dental Hygiene career at FSCJ. Like most college students, her primary focus on a daily basis is to get good grades, get to school on time, work part-time and pay her bills. But now, her whole outlook has shifted. Within just a few short months, her parents are uprooting and relocating back to their country of origin-Nicaragua, and Maria will be left to handle the family’s finances and maneuver through school on her own here in the states.

Maria’s parents were born and raised in Nicaragua. Their dreams were realized when they moved to the United States, over thirty years ago, to start and raise a family. Once their children were older and out of the house, they planned to move back once again. The only problem is, Maria, their youngest, is now left to fend for herself. While most college students experience physical and financial independence in one way or another, Maria will be forced to start her program around the same time her parents will be moving out of the country.

Now, she needs to find a place to live. Once her program starts, her days will be consumed with clinicals, rotations and classes Monday through Friday. To top it off, her already full-time position at work does not allow for many additional shifts or hours, even if her schedule permits.

I believe that a story like hers is one to be told. The interview will take place outside of her work, and I’ve had her and her brother’s approval to speak with them. I will include his excerpt as well.

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