Craving Bethany

Bethany Willis is a start-up business owner of Craving Bethany, a lifestyle blog cultivated around the idea of promoting healthy recipes, clean eating and building an overall healthier lifestyle.

The idea of starting a business from home seems like a huge risk to take, as opposed to following a conventional route of pursuing a degree-related career right out of college. For Bethany Willis, who studied engineering at the University of Florida, this is the last thing she pictured herself doing at the very start of her college career, let alone her adult life. Once she began her transition to a healthier lifestyle, she says it was all over, and she was never looking back.

For Bethany, it began with a slight disinterest in her then-current studies, with the constant pressure of keeping up good grades while pairing her little free time with little sleep. Her boyfriend Bryan Snavely passed along an idea and the two began a 21-day challenge to redirect their conventional eating habits and replacing them with whole, healthy foods and workout exercises. After implementing these changes into her diet and physical routine, she claims that looking forward was a lot easier for her than looking back.

The mental and emotional changes began first, while various physicality’s began following suit. Immediately, she noticed a change in her mood and her mindset was a lot clearer than it had been since she was able to recall. Her overall energy levels were boosted and she began to notice that she no longer craved naps in the daytime, and slept much easier at night. Her eczema on her face, neck and hands began to disappear with ease. Her anxiety-ridden thoughts became replaced with a new heightened sense of self awareness, and her focus was much clearer. She knew that after the three weeks of rigorous training and implementation would simply not be enough, but that this was the start of something much bigger for her. The pair began transitioning their lifestyle and not long after, left the University of Florida.

While she doesn’t regret her time spent in college, Bethany explained that her interests began to lie in various fields far off from what she was on path to do. Health sciences was too far off for her to begin a second degree, let alone pay off student loans for the first. Around this time, Craving Bethany was born.

With Bryan’s help, Bethany began putting all of her focus and effort into creating what she fell in love with into a dream. She wanted to use the natural benefits of clean, wholesome foods to help people all over the United States (for starters). While a blog and website were the first technicalities to spring into action, the pair had a lot of research to do first. Their preparation was key to ensuring they knew the correct vitamins, proteins, enzymes and exercise to implement into a specific person’s diet, or lifestyle. She stresses that the transition isn’t meant to help with weight loss or overall image, but longevity in an enhanced quality of life that starts with one simple rule of thumb: eat whole foods.

Craving Bethany is the given name of her site, which also links to her Instagram. She has numerous healthy recipes from her Keto Tomato Herb Bisque to her Gluten-Free Apple Pie Cupcakes, and there is something for everyone. She plans on creating meal plans in the near future, paired workouts, as well as a cookbook. She covers everything from a Paleo-style diet, to Keto and Gluten-Free. One important factor that they do stress, is to not follow fad diets.

“Fat is not the enemy. You need healthy fats for a healthy brain” Bryan Snavely began. The primary difference between their usual diet and current fads, like veganism for example, lie in the details. “Vegan diets, although they can be rich in protein and vegetables, usually contain high fats. But not all fats are bad, which is important to stress to people. Vegan diets contain processed foods like meat substitutes, olive oils, cheese and sugar. Oreos are vegan. It doesn’t make them healthy.”

While you can find some of her recipes on her site, Bethany says the best stuff is coming soon. This summer, you can expect a peak into her cookbook and some of her at home workouts for the site. How many trainers do you know help you make dinner?

Contact Information: Bethany Willis Bryan Snavely




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